Masterclass: Art of observation

A stimulating and inspiring Masterclass of 2 half-days for you and your organization to develop a sharp focus.

The special thing about this master class is that people use their personal and professional skills in an unknown situation: looking at art. This allows you to learn faster, assess better and improve communication.

Various neurological studies have shown that looking at art is good for the human brain. People who observe art develop a sharp focus.

After the masterclass, people experience a sharper sense of judgment, which helps them in busy and complex work situations. This masterclass is intended, among other things, for people with a profession on the front line of society. Professions that have to process and assess a lot of information within a short time, such as doctors & nurses, police officers & detectives, flight attendants, customs officers, guards, medical students and students during exam time.

Have you become curious? Call or email me and I will provide you all the information about this Masterclass and prices.