Company Tours

I always try to make a link between the art in the Rijksmuseum and your profession. A worldwide management team from Arkema – Paris, asked to linked their brainstorming theme – ‘implementing change‘ – to the art of the Rijksmuseum. After their initial session, I lead them in the ‘Golden Age’ art in the Rijksmuseum. They were very surprised, how innovative the art of the Golden Age was and what kind of ‘implementing changes’ it has brought.

With all European financial managers from Nike, I made the connection between their profession and the very special economic & artistic conditions in the Netherlands during the golden age. Many things from today – short selling / low interest / shares / new techniques etc.- already happened in the Dutch 17th century.

In short, art and and business fits together perfectly. It is educative & fun. Especially as a company business trip but also after a brainstorming session with the entire MT. Watching art is the best way of team building. It strengthens the mutual bond. Together you see other details that would not have been noticed before. Watching art makes can make one more alert, thinks sharper and make better decisions.

You can combine this tour with a dinner or a salon boat trip (boat with roof / 12 pers.) through the canals of Amsterdam. Call or email me for a quotation: / +31-626 178 977.