Vincent Van Gogh online guided tour

There is no artist in the world who has given us such a great insight into his work, life and spirit as Vincent van Gogh. He made almost 900 paintings, 1200 drawings and wrote about 860 letters. The letters provide us an unique insight into the development of the restless, fascinating and learning spirit of Vincent van Gogh.

In a stimulating and inspiring online guided tour of 2 hours, I’ll show you his brown-dark period of the Netherlands. To the light and colorful paintings of his time in Paris and his most beautiful works like ‘The Sunflowers‘ he made in Arles, South of France. Along the ‘Almondblossoms‘ of the institute in Saint Remy and the impressive ‘Wheatfields with Crows‘ from Auvers sur Oise where he eventually died. I tell you all the anecdotes, Japanese inlfuences, hidden gems and background stories about Vincent and his work.

After this tour you’ll have a different view at his work and life than before and you’ll understand why he became so famous.